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At Wayspring, we understand the value of a single day and the impact it can have on your recovery journey.

In partnership with Highmark Health Options, we are committed to helping you feel better today than you did yesterday. Our comprehensive support system is designed to meet your health goals and enhance your overall well-being.

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Video Testimonials

Damien’s Perspective (2 MIN)

Meredith’s Journey (2:45 min)

About Our Clinic

Our Delaware Clinic provides medical and behavioral health services important for supporting success. We tailor our program to your unique needs and incorporate addiction treatment, medical treatment, and behavioral healthcare into your recovery plan. Our services are available either virtually or through in-person care. You can expect to be treated like the whole person you are the entire time you are in our care.

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Partnership with Highmark Health Options

We're proudly working with Highmark Health Options in Delaware to provide extensive support systems for recovery.