Protect yourself from job recruitment fraud

Protect Yourself from Job Recruitment Fraud

Reports of fraudulent recruitment related activities are on the rise. Individuals or groups are increasingly communicating false employment related opportunities via unsolicited and inaccurate emails or phone calls. The intent of these communications is to lead recipients to believe they are being offered an interview or employment opportunity. It has been reported that in some situations these communications have asked the recipient to submit personal or financial information.

We are here to remind you that Wayspring never asks for private or financial information via email or phone. To help protect yourself from recruitment scams, please review the following information regarding how Wayspring conducts its recruitment activities:

  1. Wayspring advertises all available job positions on the career webpage.
  2. Wayspring does not charge any fees to submit a job application or participate in interviews, nor do we ask for payments related to visas or work permits.
  3. Wayspring does not interview candidates without first receiving a job application through its official website.
  4. Wayspring does not make employment offers without a formal interview process involving Wayspring employees.
  5. Wayspring will only communicate with a job candidate using an official company email address. Wayspring emails will never come from a Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL or other personal email address domains.

If you believe you have received fraudulent communication regarding employment opportunities at Wayspring, please reach out to us at with any details you are able to share.