Wayspring and WellCare of Kentucky Launch Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Home Program to Empower Communities in Kentucky

The innovative program aims to transform the lives of individuals with substance use disorder by clearing common barriers to recovery, such as transportation, housing, and job search support, and delivering evidence-based care to those in need 

Nashville, Tenn. September 5, 2023 — Wayspring, a leading value-based healthcare organization specializing in medical, behavioral health, and social support services for individuals with substance use disorder, is thrilled to announce its partnership with WellCare of Kentucky, a prominent statewide provider of Medicaid managed care services. This collaboration marks the launch of Wayspring’s Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Home program in Kentucky, designed to support eligible WellCare members in Louisville, Lexington, and Eastern Kentucky who have been living with SUD.  

Wayspring’s SUD Home program offers a structured and personalized support system, addressing complex physical, behavioral, and social needs while filling gaps in care and supplementing existing services.  WellCare members are assigned a dedicated care team, including Kentucky-based medical providers, community health workers, and engagement specialists, to help in creating individualized care plans, coordinating clinical care and peer support services during high-risk transitions. The care team will also facilitate connections to essential community and social support resources like housing, transportation, mobile phones, and employment.

“This program with WellCare represents a significant milestone in our mission to provide holistic, value-based care for those battling substance use disorders,” says Carter Paine, CEO of Wayspring. “Our SUD Home program eliminates barriers to treatment and provides a comprehensive, longitudinal approach that addresses our members’ complex medical, behavioral, and social needs.”  

Additionally, through an integrated healthcare clinic, WellCare members have convenient access to addiction treatment, medical treatment, and behavioral health treatment provided by licensed Wayspring providers in-person and via telehealth. By reducing the common barriers often encountered when seeking treatment for substance use disorder, Wayspring’s holistic approach aims to guide members through their treatment journey and support them into early recovery.

The launch of Wayspring’s SUD Home program comes as the substance use epidemic continues to rise. According to Kentucky’s 2021 Overdose Fatality Report, 2,250 residents died from a drug overdose in 2021, an almost 170% increase compared to 2019 overdose deaths. Additionally, opioids were involved in 90% of these deaths, highlighting the need to address this issue head-on across Kentucky. Through this program with WellCare, Wayspring will work with more than 15,000 substance abuse disorder-diagnosed members across the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program and Medicaid Expansion populations. 

“Our collaboration with Wayspring allows us to extend our reach and offer innovative solutions that improve outcomes and foster long-term recovery for our members,” said Dr. Chirag Patel, chief medical officer of WellCare of Kentucky. “The SUD Home program’s innovative model is a testament to the power of integrated, patient-centric care in managing complex health issues such as substance use disorder 

Wayspring is launching its SUD Home model in Kentucky and Ohio in 2023 and expects to enter two to three additional states in 2024. For more information about Wayspring and the SUD Home program or to verify program eligibility, please visit wayspring.com.   



About Wayspring 

Wayspring is a value-based healthcare organization that provides medical, behavioral health, and social support services to people with complex needs. With a focus on people living with substance use disorder, Wayspring utilizes a comprehensive and longitudinal model that incorporates targeted member outreach, strategic provider partnerships, community-based peer support, and delivery of clinical services. Through this unique approach, Wayspring produces increased adherence to evidence-based medicine, decreased healthcare waste, and improved health outcomes. For more information, please visit wayspring.com.  

About WellCare Kentucky  

WellCare of Kentucky provides government-sponsored managed care services to families, children, seniors, and individuals with complex needs, primarily through Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans across the state. WellCare is a wholly owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation, a leading healthcare enterprise committed to helping people live healthier lives. For more information, please visit wellcare.com/Kentucky.